The stray puppy begged for help, but nobody cared, so rescuers stepped in and changed the life of the dog completely


A tiny dog was standing desperately. She was left alone since she was born. The dog used to go after people following them.

It was obvious the puppy wanted someone who would take care of her. The little puppy was confused wandering in the streets. None of the locals knew where her mother was.

Nobody knew whether the dog had siblings. The poor dog had nothing to eat only the leftovers in the street market. The dog used to hide behind the fruit shelf. Sometimes the dog wanted to be unseen.

The photo of the dog spread in the social media. The volunteers whose names are Fiona and Wil work in the Northeast Animal Rescue.

They immediately came to take the puppy. As they saw the poor puppy they did not hesitate to help.

When they arrived to take the hopeless puppy, the street market was closed. The dog hid behind and it was difficult to convince the dog to come with them.

When the dog felt comfort and understood they were to rescue her the dog became calm. Thanks to Fiona and Wil, the dog found the life she sought.

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