The cat goes viral for his striking resemblance to the character Zorro


A cat has became famous in the social media. The cat resembles to the hero of Zorro. The cat is so cute and sweet.

The cat is named Boy. The cat has become viral for his appearance. Whenever a person sees the cat they always say the same thing that the cat is like a Zorro.

The owner of the cat is Indraini Wahyudin Noor. The cat is a Persian kitten which is 9 months old.

The cat has a Tiktok account with 300,000 followers. The cat is nicknamed a “Zorro cat”. The cat likes to listen to Zorro music very often.

The owner says that he himself understands that the cat is much alike the hero Zorro.
The cat is noteable everywhere he takes the cat.

The cat is very unique with his appearance. The cute creature is sometimes called as a thief cat. The cat has also an instagram account.

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