A sweet footage. A compassionate and sweet cat brings flowers to his favourite neighbour every day


Moving somewhere different is not an easy task. In the  case of a girl whose name is Rosie everything was different when she moved a new house in the UK.

Shr had a secret admirer that brought flowers to her. At first the girl could not guess who can be the secret admirer until one day she noticed a cute cat jumping with a pink rose.

The girl was cooking when she spotted the cute creature. The girl became happy and shot the cute scene.

She could not have imagined that cats can bring flowers. She always thought that they can bring tiny animals.

Every time the cat left flowers in the porch and the girl was surprised to see that the flowers were brought by the cat. The cat was named Willow.

After some time the girl knew that the cat brings flowers also to other neighbours. Especially to the neighbours who let him sleep on the porch. The cat has his house but he adores to be a guest.

The cat is fed properly as it is difficult to say no to him. The cat is compassionate and romantic neighbour.

Here is the video:

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