A cute footage will make your day. A dog leaps for happiness at seeing himself on TV


Dogs have a habbit of jumping of joy when they see their owners come home. This dog named Bronn just adores to see him on TV news.

The dog can not conceal his happiness seeing himself on TV news. The dog loses his mind seeing himself on TV.

The dog is also famous not only among the facebook friends of his owner but he is also famous among other people. The video of the dog went viral.

The dog is a gentle and kind friend to a little boy. The reaction of the dog seeing himslef and his little friend is heartwarming.

The time the dog realizes that the scene is he and the boy, he starts to jump of joy. The scene was captured. The dog gives affection and kindness to the 7 months old boy Liam. This cute video will make your day.

Here is the  cute video:

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