A gentle and caring dog brings his own bed to his sick brother to make him feel comfy


Dogs have a very kind heart when one of their friends needs care.They behave very gentle and are able to give what they have for the comfort of their friends.

This story is a proof of the devotion of dogs. The two dogs named Spanky and Roman have a very tight bond since they were little puppies.

The dogs enjoy playing together all the day. They share everything with each other without expecting something in return. The two dogs snuggle and fullfill each other’s day.

Their owner admires how inseperable and friendly the dogs are towards each other. He could have imagined that when one of the dogs will get sick, the other dog how would act. In general the dog named Spanky behaves very active and is not very gentle.

Unluckily, the dog named Roman was sick. The owner of the dog took the dog to a vet. It turned out that the eight years old dog had an ear infection.

A long painful and stressful period this was for the dog. Thanks to the devoted friend who comforted him this period of time passed succesful. The dog was always by the side of the dog.

The action which melted the owner’s heart was how gentle the dog draged over his own bed to his sick brother. This emotional moment brought the owner of dog  into tears. This gesture left the whole family open-mouthed and excited.

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