A kind police officer adopted the cute injured dog a month after rescuing his life


A police officer whose name is Sara Rogers retrieved a homeless puppy which was injured.

The police officer decided to take the puppy to a vet for examination. She tried to find his owner but all her efforts were in vain.

The police officer kept the abandoned puppy during his night shift until Kennebec Humane Society staff memebers came.

She even had a meal with the puppy and they really enjoyed their time together. Their bond became tighter and inseperable.

Rogers understood that his mission is to do as much as she could for the puppy which made her fall in love with him from the first sight.

The police officer made a decision to foster the dog until the dog will have a forever home.

When the dog was going to be adopted. Teh police officer could not just give the dog. She decided to adopt the dog herself. She could not give up on the dog.

The dog was named Rey after the Star Wars Jedi. The police department posted this touching story. They showed this adoreable duo. Such a happy story.

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