A dog brings an injured bird to her mom and waits impatiently to make sure it is okay


It was a strange case when Elizabeth Houston’s dog came with an injures bird. The dog brought the dog as he wanted to help the helpless creature.

A pit bull named Charlie was rescued by the family. The dog is considered to be very sweet and exceptionally excellent dog.

Charlie is very kind-hearted. The dog cares aboit everybody surrounding him both animals, birds as well as humans.

The dog just wanted to help the young bird in need of help. The dog noticed how the bird fell on the ground in a bad state. He rushed to take the injured bird.

Charlie treated with the bird with care and very gentle. The dog gave the bird to hia owner but watched anxiously as he wanted to know that everything will be good with the injured bird.

The dog kept a close eye on the bird.The bird replied by squawking and a relief came to the dog. He was happy that he was able to rescue a life.

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