With a pain of his body the dog came closer to the rescuer hoping to be rescued


All stray dogs have the same problem of suffering from disappoinment and not having food or shelter to stay in. All the dogs need somebody who will look after them.

All they want is to be rescued and protected from hazardous circumstances.

This dog has also been suffering and has always been wandering in the streets of the city. The dog hoped that he will soon be saved and taken care of.


The face of the dog was covered with pain and bruises. He has seen many difficult things in his life.

When the dog was walking he felt that someone’s footsteps near him. The dog began to follow the man. The man became his rescuer.

The innocent look of the dog made the rescuer feel sorry for the dog. He felt that the dog need someone to help. He made a desicion to take the dog to a shelter.

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