A Chinese miracle-little panda puppies are similiar to real panda bears, the puppies were born from an ordinary mongrel


Three puppies were born in Chinese village in the province of Jiangsu. The puppies are like panda cubs.

The mother of the sweet puppies is an ordinary mongrel. The puppies surprised everyone with their cute and extraordinary appearance.

A woman whose name is Ling Soo was very happy to have such cute puppies. Their colour of the body similiar to panda’s colour was a surprise for her, too.

The puppies are not like their mother or father. They are different from them. The parents are inconspicious and of grey colour.

As the photos of the sweet puppies spread on the social media, many people wanted to see the puppies and offered to buy the puppies.

The woman did not hurry to sell the puppies. She says that she does not want to sell the tiny cute creatures as she does not want to part with them.

The owner of the puppies even jokes that she puts the panda like puppies near the bamboo tree but they do not eat it.

Not only ordinary people became interested in puppies but also the experts. The experts think that this gives them a chance to breed new panda like puppies.

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