The deaf dog named Solo wandered 11 years in the streets and luckily he is happy now


A dog named Solo wonders in Los Angels. The dog spent his whole days in the streets.

When the dog was already 11 years old he became sick and old. He became completely deaf.

It was difficult for Solo to live outdoors. The dog went to the first residential building and sat on the threshold.

It was as if he was waiting for the owner of the house. When the owner of the house went out she saw the dog in the hopeless state.

She called the rescue for coming and taking the dog. She wanted to place the dog in the shelter as he was in a miserable state.

Nearly 1.5 years the poor dog was taken by different families but he was returned back to the shelter. The shelter staff could not understand why the dog behaved so.

A woman whose name is Messina noticed the picture of the sad dog in the social media. She rushed to the shelter to adopt the dog.

She gave love and care to the dog. The dog began to feel happy though it was rather difficult for him at first. The dog was afaid of his surroundings.

Very soon she became used to new life the dog became happy. It is never too late to give happiness to animals in need of help.

The woman treated the dog with much attention and was very careful to him as the dog got scared when somebody came closer.

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