A kind-hearted Australian postman makes sure his favourite dog, that is waiting for him every day, gets a daily letter even there is no mail for her


Martin Stunder is an Australin postman who is very kind man. He works in Australia, Brisbay.

The postaman looks forward to seeing one of his favourite residents in the area. The favourite resident is a golden retriever named Pippa.

The happy dog waits for the postman impatiently. The dog runs to the gate quickly seeing the postman. The dog is fond of bringing letters to her owner.

This has become her daily routine. The dog feels sad when there is no letter for them. So the postman decided to do something to make the dog happy.

The postman writes “Mail for Pippa” and gives it to the dog. The dog becomes pleased and the dog takes the letter home in a very proud way.

This process means a lot to the golden retriever. This postman has a popular fame in the area as he is loved by everyone in the are, especially the dog Pippa.

He is such a kind hearted man that he wil do everything possible to make his clients happy.

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