The abandoned dog was in despair and grief, fortunately his life changed abruptly


A dog named Nenno was left by his owner in the shelter. The dog felt discomfort and he was suffeeing in despair and grief.

The enviroment was unfamiliar for the dog. The dog nor only felt loneliness but also he felt useless.

The dog understood that he is unwanted and neglected. The dog was in a horrible state.

The dog was able to whine plaintively. The appearance of the dog expressed sadeness.

Paige King captured the dog and showed how deep the feelings of dogs can be. He wanted to show the footage and inform people of this emotional dog.

Laura Rogers saw the video and came to adopt the dog. She took the dog to the vet and after being examined it turned out that the dog suffered from thyroid disease.

The dog was treated and after being cured the dog felt safe and sound. The dog has turned into a gentle and affectionate. Now the dog feels stronger and happier.

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