A retired vet makes wheelchairs for poor disabled dogs giving them a chance to move


A vet who is 92 years devoted his life to help to disabled dogs to move again. The man’s name is Lincoln Parkes.

It does not matter that he has retired he still continues to build wheelchairs for the dogs who have difficulty in moving or walking.

The man thinks that they should be given an opportunity to live theie life fully. The man has a big heart and adores dogs.

The vet began making wheelchairs for the disabled dogs as he understood that how difficult it is for the owners of dogs to know that their dog will not able to move after accidents.

The man started his job which he really enjoys. He feels happy and full of relief when he sees dogs with cart move with a happy smile.

Even now when he is retired he does his job with delight. He does his job a little bit slowly.

Everything goes on successful and he feels proud to be able to give a chance to innocent animals. The dogs have a chance to live a better life.

Here is the video:


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