A gardener is spotted cuddling and “talking” with a white swan when it was a working hour


People are fond of forming tight relationship with animals. They are true and devoted friends to one another.

People can not only have strong friendship with pets but also with wild animals.In this case Raal Piru has a strong bond with a white swan.

The man works as a gardener and enjoys the company of a white swan. The affectionate relationship between the swan and the man is obvious.

The man is responsible both for the welfare of plants and animals. Cala Herranza the wife of the gardener captured the scene how the swan and her husband interact.

The scene won many people’s heart by their affection and patience. The man spends a portion of time with the lonely swan.

The administrators of the complex thonk about finding a roommate. The swan is given a chance to have a fresh love. Ral is doing his best to provide love and companion to the lonely swan.

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