A lost shelter dog was reunited with the loved owner after two years of separation


A dog named Pakita was taken to an animal shelter called Arca Animal shelter situated in Argentina.

The dog was found by a community volunteers. The dog was wandering in a hopeless state in the the streets of the city.

The dog was trying to find something to eat or to drink. Silvia Ferreria noticed how worried the dog was. There was sadeness in his eyes.

The dog did not communicate with anyone. The dog stood on the one corner of the shelter and did not move. It was very difficult for the dog to get used to the ndw enviroment.

The dog was put for adoption so that he would socialize faster and recover quickly. It has been two years that nobody wanted to adopt the dog.

The beatiful chocolate coat coloured dog felt neglected. The volunteers could have imagined that they would get a call about the dog.

It turned out that the dog is sad as she had an owner. When the owner saw the picture of the dog she was happy to see his dog again.

The woman told that the dog was her son’s dog. They have been looking for the dog but useless.

The son rushed to take his dog. At first the dog was shy and looked ashamed. Then the dog smelt the man and started to lick the man. Their reunion was heartwarming and full of emotions. This is a real miracle to meet beloved dog after two years.

Here is the video:

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