A shopkeeper lets a stray cat to cool off inside while it is very hot outdoors and provides water and food


People try to protect themselves from heating weather just by hiding somewhere cool. We have the opportunity of beat the heat.

Unluckily, stray animals and some people do not have the chance of cooling. They could nor find a shelter keep cool.

Gratefully, there are people who let these stray animals cool off and give a shelter. This shopkeeper let the stray cat to his shop to cool off.

The video was shared by Rayan Algamadi. The video was taken in Saudi Arabia. The man uploaded the footage how the cat waited near the electronic shop asking for coming in.

The kind and caring man let the cat inside. The cat which felt heat and was very weak, now feels like at home.

The cat feels cool off lying on the floor. The man also gave food amd water to the stray cat.

The man was praised for his kind act. He is worth blessing. Thanks to this man a stray cat could overcome the heat. The cat started to come to the shop every day just for cooling up.

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