Just look how fluffy the cat is. A cute and super fluffy cat has the longest tail in the world and the tail is still growing


This cat is very sweet and fluffy. The fur of the cat is soft. The cat is considered to have the longest tail and what is surprising it goes on growing.

The cat is named Cygnus. The cat is from Detroit, Michigan. The cat is one years old and weighs 15 lbs.

The tail of the cat is 18.4 inches. The measurement is from tail base to the end of skin.

The cat has gone viral for his long tail. The outgrowing of the tail of the cat makes it exceptionally unique.

The tsil is so long that one can tie it to a bow. The recent record for the long tail was 16.3 inches and this cat is going to pass the record.

The cat Cyngus will steal the title for sure. Just take a look at this cute cat.

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