A stray cat appears to comfort a very tired nurse during his short break


A man named Flaty was a nurse. Flaty was doing his intership at a hospital in Egypt.

Flaty has many shift and overloaded with much work. This does not matter he is devoted to his work.

His breaks are short but this kitty decided to make the break of the nurse a little positive. He wanted to reinvigorate and comfort the break as much as he could.

Flaty was sitting outside the hospital with his friends when the kitty stated at the nurse and jumped on his feet wanted cuddles and put his head on the lap of Flaty and fell asleep.

The cat slept 20 minutes and gave the boy a feeling of relaxation. The cats in Egupt are not sociable and do not go very close to people.

This cat made the exhausted nurse feel better after working 20 days staright 12 hours shift. The meeting between him and the kitty was the best moment of the year for the tired nurse.

Flaty is very watchful and tries to find the kitty during his breaks but he does not appear. The man is thankful to the cat for the comfort and serenity that the cat gave him during that difficult period of his life.

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