Every day stray dog visits car dealership, gets his own badge and gets a “job”
A stray dog had been wandering in the streets of Brazil. Thanks to his persistance and willpower the dog achieved his aim. The dog got a home and a job.
An opera cat Maximino. A cute a cat singing opera footage will crack you up today
A hillarious video spread through the social media. The funny cat began to sing opera and made the footage famous among social media users.
A very hillarious footage of a talking parrot who has full blown conversation with his reflection
A talking parrot Eistein is a popular and silly parrot who likes to entertain and talk continously. The parrot likes to dance and sing. The parrot also
Samsung Electronics introduces new TV packagings that can be turned into a cat house
Samsung Electronics has introduced eco-friendly packages for his new TV line up. These eco friendly packagings are also reused as a cat house.
Husband gives wife an ultimatum: ‘It’s me or the dogs’
There is a clear reason why are dogs considered to be man’s best friend. The UK’s “This morning” did an online vote whether people
A man found 175 pounds of nuts under the hood of his pick up truck hidden by a squirrel while he was on a working trip
A man whose name is Bill Fishcher found a warehouse in his truck. The warehouse was full of nuts. It turned out this was a cosy place for the squirrel