A man found 175 pounds of nuts under the hood of his pick up truck hidden by a squirrel while he was on a working trip


A man whose name is Bill Fishcher found a warehouse in his truck. The warehouse was full of nuts.

It turned out this was a cosy place for the squirrel to gather nuts. Since 2013 the squirrel had the habbit of hiding walnits in the car.

The squirrel chose this place as it was rather convinent place for him. The man got used to this situation and just treated the actions of the squirrel with humor.

The red haired “lodger” found this place as a very comfortable place to be fed properly in cold winter days.

Thr man also has other cars but the squirrel prefers only the pickup. The man even parks his car in the distance but the squirrel finds the car to gathers thr nuts there.

The man went to working trip and the squirrel made a record. The squirrel hid 175 pounds of stock.

The man said that before he used to fill these nuts from the car in the five gallon buckets. Now he gathers 7 gallon bucket.

The man made a desicion to distribute the nuts free of charge. He even added that it is rather difficult to find all the hidden nuts from the car.

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