A cunning cat who was missing during the move walks 40 miles to find his family and be reunited with them


Hallie Kutcher’s son who is 9 years old keeps on hugging his toy until the family would find their lost cat.

His favourite cat named Oliver was missing.The family was moving somewhere different to live when they noticed that their cat was missing.

Kutcher’s family were moving from Bridgeport to Morgantown. They looked for the cat for a long time, but they did not have any choice but to leave the house and come back to continue their searching for the disappeared cat.

The family came to find the cat every weekend, but useless. Everybody got upset especially the little son.

The son started to cry of dispair every time. The family had to sell their house in Bridgeport. They decided to tell their son that they won’t be able to find the cat anymore.

When the family had lost all the hope they soon noticed the red faced cat in the yard of their house in Morgantown.

The family members hugged the cat and started to sob from happiness. The cat had walked miles to find the family. The cat walked 40 miles to find his family.

The family can not even imagine how he found the right way to them. Now they are happy that their cunning cat is with them.

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