Count the cats! How many cats do you see on this picture?


In today’s article, we propose to our users one of the most viral challenges of the network. These kind of articles are really popular so we delight our readers with articles of this type. What we ask for today is really simple:

“How many cats can you see in this picture?” The answer seems easy at first, but maybe there are certain details that confuse you. The possible answers we offer are these: 9, 2, 3, 6 and 1. Which one will be correct? You can find out a lot about yourself!

This is the answer offered by 30% of the population since actually, the number of cats that appear in the image are nine. However, we are sorry to say that this solution is not correct, but thanks to that we will reveal certain things about you that you probably did not know completely.

Did you know that creativity is one of your main virtues? Since you were a child you stood out among your classmates because of your remarkable imagination and that enormous capacity to devise really great plans …

Choosing nine cats also gives you a slightly higher intelligence than the world’s average, which is always something to be thankful for. Normally you do not worry about the smallest details of a situation, but you focus precisely on the main issue… This behavior could get you out of a hurry! On the other hand, your overflowing sympathy has made you always surrounded by people who appreciate you for who you really are …

Did you know that 2 out of 10 people think that there are two animals in the photograph and that the other reflections come from there? They have missed very little to get it right, but they have stayed very close. What can you learn from your choice? Something very special: they have really great leadership qualities, so it is very common that they are the heads of a company or the “leaders” of a group of friends if we speak of a much more private sphere. Thanks to your incredible oratorical skills and your perfect gesture, no one can resist you…

15% of the population consider that in the photograph placed at the beginning of the article there are nine cats reflected in a double mirror in a mirror. Again, we must tell these people that their choice is not correct, although having opted for that figure has a rather special meaning. Did you know that you have been endowed with an out-of-the-ordinary sympathy? Combined with an immense dose of positivism, it turns them into individuals who always see the perfect side of everything, even if they are in a bad situation.

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