After Her Owner Passed Away His Family Had No Use For A 17-Year-Old Cat!


When her owner died his family had no use for a 17-year-old cat so they just dumped her at a local shelter.

There the prospects for the dumped elderly feline were not looking great, not many people want to adopt a geriatric cat.

Luckily for Kiki, someone heard about her story and thought they might know the puurrfect place for her.

A place where she can live out her remaining days in peace and comfort.Living with a family who quite simply would give her the love and attention she deserves.

Contact was made with “Kitty Adventure Rescue League” to see if they could take Kiki?

Here’s what Kiki’s new family have to say.
“At 17 years old, Kiki was dumped at a shelter. We rescued her and now she tells us every day how happy she is,” Kitty Adventure Rescue League wrote. “She really likes her new family here at KARL (Kitty Adventure Rescue League).”

“We couldn’t just let her stay there,” KARL wrote. “We run a sanctuary for special needs and geriatric cats. You’d be surprised how many people would rather dump the old cat at a shelter or on the streets.”

Kiki the 17 year old cat tells her new family how happy she is everyday to finally have a place to call her forever home!

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