Two Stray Mama Dogs Rescued While Nursing Their Puppies In Alley


Rescuers said that they haven’t seen such heartwarming thing before.

A Good Samaritan found 2 female dogs and their litters in an alleyway in L.A., California, and took them to Northwest Dog Project (NDP) after noticing that they were doing what they might to stay the tiny pups safe.

The Good Samaritan first took the dogs home, and she or he then took them to Northwest Dog Project in Oregon.The 2 mama dogs, who had 9 pups — 7 females and two males, were named Louise and Thelma.

It was obvious that the mamas had been abandoned before goodbye as they were starving and malnourished.

Nobody knows if they were dumped together or not, but what’s known is that they were trying everything to stay the pups safe.

Fortunately, the mothers did a great job. On the opposite hand, the pups are available for adoption since February 2019, and that we don’t know if all of them get adopted. If you’re interested, you’ll find details on NDP’s website.

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