Cuteness overload as K9 dozes through his entire swearing-in ceremony


Brody is the most adorable officer ever to join the Bristol, Rhode Island police department. His job: to put a smile on every person who walks through the station door.

There’s a new member of the Bristol, Rhode Island Police Force, and his name happens to be Brody.

He’s a 12-week-old chocolate lab who went through extensive training for his role as a comfort dog.

Why not a bomb-sniffing or narcotics dog? School resource officer Keith Medeiros thought that a comfort dog might be a better choice during stressful times.

Everyone who walks into the station feels a little happier the minute they see the K9. People want to hug and pet him, and when they do, their faces light up.

Brody’s swearing-in ceremony was streamed on Facebook Live. On the big day, Officer Medeiros brought Brody to the station to meet the police chief.

Brody must have been celebrating his imminent swearing-in a little too much the night before because he slept through the entire ceremony.

However, that didn’t prevent the police chief from making him the newest member of the department.

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