Two Huskies, Countless Cups, Many Strategies – Who Will Win?


Two Siberian Huskies are presented with a passage blocked by a series of paper cups, and you’ll be laughing out loud at how the funny dogs handle the obstacles.

Huskies Kakoa and Sky each have very different approaches to getting over the cups that are blocking their way but wait until you see the chaos that unfolds when these clumsy dogs smell a treat that’s just been dropped in.

This is one of those videos that you may just find yourself watching over and over again. If the antics of each pooch doesn’t make you laugh, then the witty captioning will.

Both of these dogs are truly unique, and there’s no better way to showcase their personalities than this simple challenge.

Even though both look a little confused, it doesn’t stop them from playing along and trying their distinctive tricks to get through.

Watch the video below:

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