In each other they found an eternal friend.


*Je-ss was at first wor-ried ab-out how Toby, her 9-year-old ter-rier, would re-act to his fos-ter bro-ther. Toby was Jess’s absol-ute best fri-end. They ne-ed been on some incr-edible adven-tures toge-ther, and have fo-rmed a won-derful bond, so the thou-ght of addi-ng to their sm-all fam-ily sou-nded a touch dau-nting. After a cou-ple of days of unc-ertainty bet-ween Toby and Amos, their frie-ndship bloo-med…

*Am-os had ne-ver been dur-ing a home bef-ore Jess, as his wh-ole life had been spe-nt at a res-cue ce-nter. Amos would enc-ounter walls, bec-ome fright-ened by the sou-nds of the TV, and was even we-ary of the sen-sation of the car-pet on his paws. Simp-le tas-ks, like fin-ding the wa-ter bowl, were an imm-ense chall-enge for the blind pup.

*Toby wa-sn’t sure ab-out Amos at first, but Jess qui-ckly not-iced som-ething incr-edible. When she saw Amos stru-ggling to se-ek out his wa-ter bowl, Toby wou-ld nu-dge him in the right dire-ction. It star-ted as an occas-ionally use-ful nu-dge, and later bec-ame Amos to get his own guid-ance. Jess and her fam-ily knew they had ano-ther bel-oved part-ner.

*Wh-en Amos got older, he was seen by an ophthalmo-logist.spe-cialist. It had been dec-ided that his eyes pres-umably cau-sed him daily pre-ssure and pain, so it might be the kin-dest dec-ision to get rid of the eyes. Soon after Amos unde-rwent the sur-gery, Toby took on the role of his “unoff-icial see-ing-eye dog .”

*When Amos and Toby cont-inued to walk toge-ther for the first ti-me, Amos was dis-turbed.une-asy. TheThe noise aro-und him will sc-are him, and he ho-pes that he ne-eds freq-uent rest to lie do-wn and orga-nize him-self. Toby would inst-antly lie next to him, and wait with him unt-il he was able to ca-rry on!

*Hik-ing thr-ough the hills is now a fav-orite pas-time for the fu-rry best fri-ends! Toby gui-des Amos thr-ough the hills with body bum-ps and nud-ges and helps gui-de him back to the trail if he ever str-ays.*

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