Only 1 percent of people can quickly locate the number “Best” within the word “Pest”?

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Optical illusions, more properly referred to as visual illusions, involve deception of the eye.

This is an interesting optical illusion for not only the quick witted minds but for the not so quick-witted too.

The challenge is to identify and differ the characters in the word “Pest” to find the hidden number “Best.”

This involves a keen eye for detail and a quick grasp of the subtleties within the letters.

Can you discover the concealed best within 12 seconds in this optical illusion from the image above?

This is the best optical illusion for all the razor sharp minds for another IQ boost.

Carefully examine the image, and you’ll be able to spot the hidden creature. If you find yourself struggling with the image, you can refer to the solution image below to reveal the correct answer.

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