How many hidden letter ‘Y’ can you find in this brain teaser?

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Challenge your sharp eyesight with this brain teaser. If you have 50/50 vision, how many Ys can you see the within 11 seconds?

Put your sharp visual skills to test in this intriguing vision challenge. Time is running quickly – how many Ys can you find the hidden letter Y swiftly?

Engage in this brain teaser and be attentive and solve the optical illusion to appreciate your vision skills.

You have to think a subtle differently for coming on to the solution as the answer won’t be wrong in front of you.

You have come up with an exception brain teaser where you need to see the 6 hidden Ys among the Xs.

Can you find out each of the elusive Y’s in 11 seconds or less? The time starts now. Don’t get disappointed or be confused we will help you. We provide the answer below.

If you want to check your IQ try other optical illusion in our page. Here is the answer.

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