Can you find the big mistake?

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In the above image, we have asked you a question. By using the terms, try to find out the right answer.

You just have to remember, you should follow the rules. The countdown starts now. QYou can figure out the answer in just 11 seconds as your time is limited.

We congratulate you on yiur success. Yes, your times is up. If you find out the answer, it is very fine and good.

If you can’t find the answer, don’t get disappointed; go on reading the article so you can find out the answer.

Each puzzle has an answer. In each optical illusion, there will be an answer. Some optical illusions make us think hard, but the answer is very simple.

In contrast, some optical illusions seem easy, but you should just work hard to find the right answer. Finally, it depends on the optical illusion you will work out.

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