Are you a good observer? Spot 3 Differences between the rabbit images in 9 Secs

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*Test your ability to see thi-ngs! Immerse yourself in this visual puzzle, focus on the small details and try to find the diffe-rences. Optical illusions are fascin-ating tricks that relate to the way we see things, making us doubt what is real. They use colors, pa-tterns and depth to create pain-tings that surprise us.

*Artists and scientists use these illusions to figure out how our brains unde-rstand what we see. From pictures that may look diffe-rent to tricks with size and persp-ective, these puzzles attract our atte-ntion and make us think about how we see the world.

*The great thing about optical illusions is that they teach us that our eyes don’t always see the truth.*

*Our brain sometimes makes assump-tions or comp-lements missing fragm-ents, which can create illusions. Imagi-ne that you are looking at a picture that seems to shift and move, but if you look closely, you will see that it is comp-letely motio-nless.

Sometimes it seems that this image cha-nges its shape or color if you look at it for a while. These tricks happen bec-ause our eyes and brain don’t always under-stand things the same way. This is an optical illusion in action.

*Only real observers will be able to notice 3 differe-nces in the image in 9 seconds

*In this optical illusion, you need to find three thin-gs that are different in the two images. You only have 9 seconds! This is a test to see how well you notice small changes quickly.

To play, you need to look at both photos very carefully. Check and find the three diffe-rences in the image. Find the answer to the test in the picture below. So let’s find out what the differ-ences are:*

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