Find the Only difference in the image of a girl doing selfie

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Visual challenges are the exercises preferred by users who browse social networks due to the moments of concentration and fun they generate when doing them. Do you want to know what it is?

In that sense, your friends at we present you with a new visual test to put your mental skills into action and solve it. The detail is that only 1% managed to achieve the differences.

Will you find the differences?
Stop today’s challenge, you just have to find the requested dissimilarities in the agreed time by viewing the two images.

At first glance it seems easy to do, but most people failed on their first attempt. You’re ready? Is now!

Here are the differences!It is extremely normal to not have been able to solve this mental exercise, since its level of difficulty exceeds the limits.

Despite this, we will provide you with the answers so that you are not left with doubts.

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