If you’re blindfolded, try counting all the people in this picture! Check the answer in the link in the comments below 👇👇.

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A fascinating riddle has ignited a lot of discussion online as people struggle to find the exact solution.

If you enjoy puzzles, this is the perfecty challenge to test your observation skills and logical thinking!

Let’s dive in. First, take a close look at the image below before moving on to the next steps.

Your task is to study the image carefully and answer the question: How many people are in the image?Despite appearing straightforward, this puzzle is far from simple.

It’s packed with tricks, and only the sharpest minds can uncover the deceptions to arrive at the correct answer.

Take another look before scrolling down for hints!The paintings do not depict real people and should not be counted.Did you think the number was five? That’s wrong!

The actual number is higher than that.However, don’t forget about the stone statue in the middle, as it is definitely not alive.

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