A 9-year-old boy lived alone in an unheated apartment for two years while his mother resided with her boyfriend in France.

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The young boy lived a life of neglect and isolation, which went unnoticed because he attended school, maintained good grades, and kept his room tidy.

Barbara Couturier, the town’s mayor, noted that the boy seemed to put up a façade, giving the impression that everything was fine. “I believe he shielded himself with an assurance that all was well,” she added.

Initially, when neighbors noticed something was amiss, the boy’s mother dismissed their concerns, insisting she was taking care of her son and asking them to stay out of her personal matters. Since the boy seemed capable of caring for himself, the community overlooked the neglect.

During his two years of solitude, the abandoned child resorted to stealing tomatoes from a nearby balcony and asking neighbors for food. Eventually, concerned neighbors contacted the authorities, leading to the boy being placed in care.

According to a classmate, the boy rarely left home, spent most of his time indoors, often ate and rode the bus alone.

Contrary to his mother’s claim that they lived together, mobile data revealed her infrequent presence at their apartment, undermining her testimony. The boy confessed to his friends that he managed his meals and transportation alone, sometimes leaving home but rarely socializing outside.

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