A breathtaking story about a man who saved animals who were on fire


A  man  who didn’t have home  saved all the animals from the  shelter that cought fire.

The man’s name is Keith Walker. He was walking to the pitbull dog whose name was Bravo when he saw that the building was on fire.


At first he was really afratid to go in there, but then he gained strength in order to help these animals. But it was as if God put him there to save the animals which were on fire. He is described as an “guardian angel”.

He said he was nervous at first frankly speaking. The animals were in Atlanta animal shelter when the fire started. He could save 6 dogs and 10 cats. He was homeless since 13 years old, and now he is 53 years old.

He said that animals were his best friend and he had a faithful dog, without whom he couldn’t imagine his life. When seeing all these animals on fire he imagined as if his dog were there.

Even the firefighters couldn’t handle and save the animals,but this was in burning bulding trying to save the animals.He pulled out the dogs and cats until they were safe.

Fortunately the damaged bulding was rebuilt in a week  and all the animals had a  safe shelter. He became a hero. Such kind of people deserve the best for one reason for their kindness.

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