Finally a dog is rescued after starving from hunger and being in a horrible state


It is not easy task to save animals. Many animals are in a hopless state and need to be cured.  For many animals it may cost much period of time to look for a forever home.


This story about the dog Arugula was exciting and suceeded. The volunteers noticed the dog in January. It was not obvious whether the dog was dead or alive.

The dog was slim, hardly inhaling and exhaling and was covered in a bedcover, but it was freezing from  severe cold. The dog was horrible slim and badly fed.


It did not have any energy to stand up. She was just sitting in a position with his legs bent and feet up off the floor shaking and trembling from severe cold.

The dog could not have something to be fed. Her stomach rejected everything. The volunteers did everything to support the dog in need of help.

After some time the dog got adopted by a lovely family where she began to prosper and recover very soon. The dog was in a good health state.

The dog changed abruptly. Arugula had a nice result although it is sometimes very difficult  to rescue animals in such state.

The dog is very energetic and playful and her life transformed very immediately into a life she deserves thanks to kind and caring people. Now the dog is eating and drinking very well. She has a good appetite.

In a very little period of time the dog was adopted  and was already a full and complete member of the loving and caring family.

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