Let’s find out why you should have a fluffy and cute Pomeranian shpitz-dog


The teacup Pomeranian are small in their size that’s the reason calling them so. The average size of this teacup Pom breed costs 3 to 7 pounds, it is 8-11 inches tall. It is considered to be one of the smallest breed of Pomeranian type of dogs.

This a right option when a person has a small garden or small house.These are cute and sweet puppies.

They like to cuddle in a person’s lap and this is a way for them to have a rest. These teacup Poms are friendly, lively and playful puppies.

They are also very energetic. Their love and care makes a person to have such dog as a partner. If you give love and care your dog you will get back love twice and even more. They are perfect watchdogs. Pomeranians are wise,amazing and attractive. Though they have a small size they bark very loudly in the right moment.

When needed they give a big and loud bark. They can even wake you up by their bark. Each dog has it’s character,traits, care needs and features.

You should also take into account the size and food,as well as diet, before bringing a pet into your house.

These dogs have enchanted the attention of many people as they are so cute and fluffy.

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