Worth reading: An exciting story: How the life of a homeless man and his dog changed


This is a touching story and this a proof that there are still people who take care of other people.Jeninе was going to  her work in a severe cold winter evening when she unexpectedly saw a man who was sitting just on the ground in the street. He  hugged the dog so firmly and sincerely. Jenine asked the man if he needed aid or some money. After that he asked Jenine to do an extraordinary thing for him.

This shelterless man’s name is Herbert. He  used to have work  and a home.Unfortunately  he lost all he had when he got ill. He experienced a terrible heart operation. After heart operation he became disabled, and very soon the doctors found him with final cancer. The invalid man was useless to anyone. Herbert got on the street homeless and sick.

He had less than a month to survive, when  Janine met him The man was so  frightened not for him,but for  his best friend and franckful friend his dog. He was afraid that the dog  would remain alone in the streets. The dogs name was Malyk . Malyk was just 10 months old. Herbert rescued his life.He took the dog   away from a man who was beating this dog. He didn’t treat this dog well.  From that time they were true and just  best  friends.

When Janine suggested to help, the homeless  man. As it is seen the only concern of the homeless man was   to take his dog and look after the dog.  At that time Janine understood that  she should not leave the homeless man in this state and started to rais funds for the homeless man and his pet. She did all this so that the poor and homeless man didn’t live his last days in the streets out of home.She wanted to do everything possible for this unsheltered, thirsty and hungry man.

People started to send money to the account .After some time there was 24,000 dollars on the account. With this help and money, the unsheltered  man could settle in a hostel with his beloved and sincere dog.New owners appeared for  taking care for the dog after some days. The main people were farmers.They were shocked from this story. They really wanted to help this kind and unsheltered man and his dog. The man went to the farm in order to realise in what circumstances his friend would live in. Everything was pretty there. There was a big space and many cute and friendly animals. Surely,the dog will be very happy and safe  in this cirumstances.After  Herbert’s death the dog even will be taken away.

At this moment Herbert and his favourite pet  still live in a hostel with his true friend. He gets much money  certificates and transfers.Nowdays the cherity is  closed. Whet Herbert spends everything, before he dies  the people will still continue to send money for charity. This story makes us think that if a person has a chance to help other let him do. Always help people in need. Let share this kind story, in order your friends be informed about this frank and kind story. Kindness is always appreciated.

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