PHOTO. All about a famous dog which broke the record of having the longest ears in the world


Coonhound dog has the longest ears in the world. His name is Lou. He broke the record having the longest ears. Coonhound has a black color. He is three years old. He is very sweet,cheeky and intelligent. Nowadays has a record of the longest ears.

All black coonhounds have long ears, as long as the ears reach their nose,but some have even longer. The achievement of this dog is recorded in Guinness Records book 2022. Each ear measures a 34cm. According to veterinary technician Paige she decided to measure them during the pandemic.

The long ears help to follow the long and cold traces. Paige even says that he is a great companion when drinking a wine. He even goes to vineyards with Paige and his friends. All Lou’s friend are proud of his achievements.

They are thrilled about his place and title in the book. People always ask Paige about the breed and are always in love with the ears that this breed of dog has. Everybody wants to touch his ears. Let’s  share this  information about this cute  and about the dog  which has the  longest  ears.

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