PHOTO. An exhilarating story. How a giraffe stucked in a fence badly was rescued


The giraffe was in a difficult and suffering situation. He was stuck in a fence, she could not move her legs. It was suffering to get out the fence. Her feet was intertwined in the fence. It was lying hopeless and without help that somebody would come and save her. The giraffes were walking around in despair looking at suffering giraffe. Their faces were as if they were waiting for someone to help the injured animal which was in trouble.

Luckily boys were walking along and saw the suffering giraffe. Fortunately they tried to help by cutting the thin and tight wires. These guys are hero as they saved the giraffe’s life working on high electrified fence thin wires putting on risk their own lives. Finally one of guys safely cuts the thin wires and frees the giraffe’s legs.


There were moments of silence, when after minutes the giraffe realized that his legs were free. She was lying in relief without any movement. After a few minutes she sets out reunion her other friends. When the guys touched the animal it moved and tries get up from her place. It stood up. All the hero guys were happy that she was alive. They shouted the giraffe was alive. They said they did the work as they could save her.

The people shouted you are welcome move your leg even with difficulty the giraffe moved.The guys said welcome giraffe. The giraffe was walking with her other friends. The people were happy for what they did. This story is so heartwarming, these guys are heroes. Let’s share this story and let your friends also know about this rescue for the life of the giraffe. These guys are worth praising.

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