An exciting story. The blind and deaf dog’s emotions when he meets his owner


The dog was born in Idaho. The dog was deaf and with inferior. His eyes were undeveloped,too. This was because of not right breeding.  The nickname  of the dog is Opal.

The puppy was given to the city shelter by the  owner of the kennel instantly. Fortunately the dog  was lucky, as people helped him noticing that he was disabled and decided to help.

The dog was looked after by the people. They found a nice family for the dog when it was eight years old. The Opal has even a social page by the Bay couple. The Bay couple loved Opal very much. They even downloaded a cute video in the social media.

In this video a blind and deaf dog meets its owner who  came from home.The owner’s come from home. It  is the best time of the day. It  sits down in the yard beforehand  and waits.It begins to sniff very well.  Probably Opal hears the smell of  the owner and gasoline.

The woman says that it is probably that it  smells her husband as  it doesn’t give reactions to ther cars.As soon as the dog feels a familiar smell, It starts to run happily in the yard, when the dog feels a smell that is familiar. It  also wags its tail, when it smells a familiar smell.

The dog ran to the owner as the man comes to the door or gate. It begins to jump on its feet. The dog  begins to jump around the owner as he enters through the gate.  It  runs lively in  the yard and all the time  wagging its tail. It becomes very happy  and lively at this time.

It looks very heartwarming, touching and cute. The woman says   this is the way  it welcomes him every day. Dogs are faithful and lovely friends, they always spread love and care towards their owners.

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