PHOTO. The two toned faced cat Chimera


The Chimera cat which has unusual and magic face of two different colors .

They two different colors on the face are in the middle of the face . They have become a wonder all over the world.

Chimery cat has two different colors of eyes. It has   heterocromia. It a rare genetic mutation.  Many people love cats but these types are exceptional. These cats’ color division is also on her front legs and chest.

These two faced cats have different characteristics. One half of the Chimera cat’s face has orange stripes  a green eye, while the other side of face has black color of fur and a blue eye.

This cat likes to lie in uncomfortable places. She is of unusual  and ordinary cats. Some people even say that it has its similiar twin. Even if it seems that they have scary face they aren’t scare at all.

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