Stunning and beautiful photos. An unusual and interesting story about how a small bird was having a shower in a red flower petal


A photographer whose name is Rahul Singh is a photographer of wildlife. He has taken many photos of amazing nature and a range of various animal types. He took amazing photos of rhinos, deers, elephants,monkey and other animals.

He is real interested in taking photos of different colorful birds, that he sees these birds in a nest in his homeland.As beautiful as these may be, his real passion is capturing photos of colorful birds in his homeland.


There was a moment that he remembers that made him astonished. He came to a spot where bushes of ornamental bananas. He took photos of sunbirds which were sucking nectar from ornamental bananas.This is the moment that left him stunned.  Suddenly everything  happened as it used to. He was surprised when he saw the crimson bird. The bird was lying and  having a bath in the stored water  of  banana  tree flower petal.

He was shocked that the crimson sunbird started taking a bath in the water stored in the flower petal.  The banana tree has a red colored flowers, in its petals was water. The water came from morning drizzle in a petal of flower.

The small sunbird called crimson is only 4 inches. only. It helped to cool in a warm day. After sucking nectar from banana flower, the tiny sunbird cooled itself in the petal of   the red flower. It was like a ‘bathtub’.  For Rahul it was a stunning  moment. He had watched many birds in all his life but this kind of scene had never seen before. It was uncompareable  scene. He was astonished  to see this strange behavior .

He took pictures by his camera and pressed the button of the camera while the sunbird  was taking a shower. Rahul  downloaded this stunning scene onto his Instagram. He was obviously sure that he was at the right place at the right time. He was blessed to have this opportunity to capture this unusual moment. Rahul said that  was  a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Nature surprises as in a amazing way.

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