PHOTO. A touching and kind story about a heroic act. Only heroes can do such things


A   brave man jumps into icy waters to rescue the  dog’s life. It’s  difficult to say what we shall do and how we will act  in a death or life state in order  to save an animal. Those people who do such humanity  do deserve to be called  a ‘hero’.

In New York, in Buffalo Don Chatten was  strolling with his dogs. It was a severe cold. While walking a woman wanted the man to help her to look for her dog which was lost.

He didn’t think to help her. He finally found  the lost dog , he understood  the danger.He decided to  act rapidly.The dog had fallen into icy waters in Ellicott Creek Park. Don realized that he didn’t have  time. He only thought  of saving her.Don rang up 911 but  he was afraid that they will be  late. He made a decision to save the dog on his own.

He swam to the dog across the ice.The ice gave way plunging him waist-deep into the icy waters. It wasn’t deep in the water. He came here at his childhood.

The shivering dog was rescued and after that  it was taken to the vet. This man is a real hero. Humanity is seen in such kind of actions. It is worth appreciating.

Let’s share this post to appreciate the act he did. He is a real man and he is a symbol of  animal hero.

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