A kind animal. How does the dog react to his new owner as a sign of gratitude


A touching and heartwarming time a shelter dog is grateful to his new owner for adopting him.

Kayla Filoon is a petsitter in Philadelphia in an animal shelter. She adores animals so much. She always gives her all love towards the animals.

Russ was four years old. He came to the shelter. He was very timid. He had matters with He had a trouble and illness in his skin and was conquering against kennel cough. Moreover, he did not have fur on his ears and tail. It was also was very thin. It looked so weak. He was about 40 pounds.

Kayla realized that when he spent time with Russ it turned out that the dog is a very lovely and obedient. Kayla and Russ were getting pleasure having a walk together. He also enjoyed cuddling with him. He was very smart, polite and The proof that he had an owner is that he listened to the new owner’s commands.He did that with love and care.

After the stroll, Kayla loved the dog so much. She called her mom and informed her that she was going to adopt Russ.

When Kayla finished her lessons, she came to the shelter and together with Russ went on a ride. He was just sat in his passenger seat and was very cute and smart .

When they returned the shelter Kayla understood that she was not able to go home without him.

The staff was a bit afraid to understand that she was going to adopt him. They also brought the adoption papers of the pet. She took Russ to her home just at that day.

Russ is like a gift to Kayla. It fulfilled her life. This story is all about kindness and the tight bond between animals and people, in this case the dog and  Kayla.

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