Video. How a kind man saved the turtle stuck in the tracks of the train


A conductor stops train in order to save a turtle stuck on the tracks of the train.

Animals often get themselves stuck in different spots. In such places where they needn’t be. The animals need a human support to be safe.

It is touching and hearrtwarming to see people support animals which are in need of help. People go out of their way to help animals. The recent such  situation happened when a man stopped a train to rescue the  life of the turtle.

Serhat Topal is a streetcar driver. He was from Turkey. He was on his every day route, when he saw extraordinary thing  on the tracks. It was a turtle.

Serhat told the Dodo  that it was a turtle. The turtle  tried to pass the tracks to the countryside. But unfortunately it  was stuck.  The turtle seemed  to be frightened.

Serhat did something unusual.He stopped the train, got out and went out of his road to save the turtle.

The man picked the turtle up. He rescued the turtle  from being run over on the tracks by any incoming trains, and lifted  the turtle over the fence to save it.

The  turtle looked happy, healthy. It walked away on the other side of the road. It was safe and sound.

It was the right thing to do — but anyone who has commuted by train knows that passengers don’t always appreciate a sudden delay.

Thank you to this kind samarita . Due to his help  the turtle was rescued. It is the duty of all of us  to take care of and look after as well as as help  our friends in nature. This man just said that he just did his duty. Here is a video.

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