Miracle. The dog survived after falling from 170 foot cliff


The dog remains alive even falling 170 foot cliff. He does not have any harms. This is a real miracle and magic. Cats are able to fall and land very safely on their feet even from very high places.

That is why people say that cats have so called nine lives. Only in this story the speech goes about a dog which in  a miracle way survived and in this case dogs also have additional lives. The case took place when a  dog fell from 170 foot cliff. The pet wasn’t damaged and it was safe and sound.

According to a Facebook post from the Wolfe County Search & Rescue Team, in Kentucky,  on Sunday a pet which  name was Tyson was following a lizard near the end of a cliff and by  accident  and carelessly  fell from 170 feet cliff and  dropped on the grass.

His owner was afraid that something bad would happen, and immediately  rang up a rescue team to support and help this animal in need. The rescue stuff  looked around the place, searching for the dog, but were not able to find the dog.

A team of hikers had seen the dog strolling in that place. They even showed a photo. That was really Tyson. The dog was safe he was not injured at all. All the hikers were shocked that the dog lived after such  incident. They immediately found the dog  and gave it to the owner.

This is a real proof of miracle. The dog has an angel who takes care of him to live after that fall. Miracles happen when we start to believe. The dog was really rescued by his angel. This is really a miracle. Miracle that the dog survived.

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