A little girl rescues a homeless cat with terrible disfigured face that nobody even wanted to help


A   homeless cat with a terrible, extraordinary disfigured face had been living a poor life, looking  for food in litter bins in Istanbul, Turkey.

Everybody who noticed her just went on walking. They rapidely wrote her off because of her ugly appearance.

A  girl who is seven years old noticed the sick and weak animal and felt differently than the rest of the people who had ignored her. She noticed beyond her disfigured face, and understood she had to do something to rescue her.

She brought the weak cat home to her father and asked him to help. The poor cat was very thin, had a missing ear, could nearely open her right eye, and had mites.

The little girl and her father took the cat to the vet, where they can nurse her back and take care of her to health. They gave treatment to her with special medication and performed surgery to formate some of her facial deformities.

The name of the cat is Gulumser, that word means “she who always smiles.” The cat is now doing well and has grown undevided with the little girl who rescued her life.

This story is a really proof that you mustn’t judge a book by its cover.

For rescue companies that save the lives of thousands of pets every year, providing for the main necessities of dogs and cats, such as food and medical care, can be an expense — frequently  leaving little budget left for not the main supplies.

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