Park Ranger looks after a gorilla who has recently lost his mother


Park Ranger looks after a gorilla who has recently lost his mother.Nothing can be compared with the care and love of mom and dad. This is true both for people and also for animals.

Losing parents is the most terrible thing that can happen to any creature in the planet.A wildlife photographer Phil Moore took pictures of heartwarming photos, a true example of this.

After losing its mom, because of hunting illegaly, for this gorilla is was really painful. And from this moment it is so enormous, the abondened creature finds help in one of the park’s rangers, Patrick Karabaranga, whose love and care for the abondened gorilla is very heartwarming.

The photo was taken at Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A place where orphaned gorillas like this one are on protection and comfort from the cruel hunters.

As a solution of enormous deforestation, the mountain gorillas, like a lot of other animals, have become animals at the edge of extinction. In the recent years, their quantity have tragically confirmed. Moreover, hunting is the other human activity that frightens the wildlife.

Some great safeguarding efforts have been made in order to preserve the gorilla population. Virunga National Park can be a very good example to maintain the population of gorilla.

Here are living about 200 individuals, about a quarter of the world’s mountain gorilla population. However, there is still many things to be done. Let’s share this story with your family members and friends.

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