PHOTOS. A real hero.How a boy rescued the drowning dog when he was walking along the pier


Raden who was a 20 years old went along the pier throw his grandmother’s litter in the litter bin. The boy could not even think that that he would help and rescue another life.

It was a windy day. A tiny Matlese-shitzu whose name was Bibi, was by accident thrown into the litter bin. The name of the dog’s owner was Sue. He was very sad and hopeless as he was not able to swim towards the dog and rescue the life of the drowning dog.

The people were just looking at the drowning dog and what was going on without considering very much. Raden swam into the water as he wanted to rescue the hopeless drowning  dog.

Luckily Raden was able to grab the drowning dog and pull out the dog out of water. He took the drowning dog up and at that time the owner of the dog pull him up.

The owner  of the  dog was exhilirated  that  she hugged and kissed the heroic boy as a signing of gratefulness. After this case,  she will pay much  attention to her dog the time when they are at the pier.

If there wasn’t the kind-hearted strange boy, they could not have rescued the drowning dog in the water as it would be difficult for him to swim to the seaside.

Luckily, the owner of the drowning dog came across that kind-hearted and generous strange boy who performed as a true hero.

The boy was at the proper time at the proper place. The owner thanked  him for his courageousness.

He  just could rescue her favourite dog’s life.

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